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Del Monte Philippines embarks on South East Asia’s largest food and beverage IPO in six years

[Febuary 13, 2018]

Del Monte Philippines is to embark on an initial public offering (IPO) in a bid to raise Ps16.72b (about US$324.1m) – South East Asia’s largest for a food and beverage firm since 2012

Top Five Global Packaging Trends In 2018

[January 18, 2018]

Brands who adopt clear and succinct package messaging will be rewarded as consumers prefer brands that embrace minimalism, according to market intelligence agency Mintel

Five factors for food start-ups to focus on for APAC success

[December 15, 2017]

It's often cited that nine out of 10 start-ups fail, so what can fledgling food firms do to maximise their chances of success?

The Philippines records highest foreign investment growth in ASEAN

[December 12, 2017]

On the back of efforts to encourage more international business activity, the Philippines registered the highest rate of foreign direct investment (FDI) growth in the ASEAN region last year

ProPak Launches in the Philippines

[November 27, 2017]

Now is the time to explore the processing and packaging industries in The Philippines - a powerful market with a large population and is one of the top performers in ASEAN

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