Product Highlights

3A System Corporation
Stand No. G6
Moki Brand M155 is Garbage Separator, which can segregate Plastic Film and Product automatically. This is applicable not only plastic film but also Steel Can, Aluminum Can, Pet Bottle and Dry and Liquid products. We have various kinds of capacity from 200kg – 2 tons per hour.
Calvatis Gmbh
Stand No. B25
Calvatis foam products are a new, highly effective generation of deep cleansing products designed for today's demands. Calvatis foam products are suitable for daily and periodic cleaning as well as for basic cleaning and enable optimal use of the cleaning agents as well as a time saving for their users.
Stand No. B41
The all new Detectronic model 607-TD is the most recent development from Detectronic A/S in Farsoe Denmark.

It features a long list of new and innovative functions as well as significant improvement in the sensitivity with up to 70 %, making it one of the top sensitive metal detectors for the food industry.
Eonmetall Systems Sdn Bhd
Stand No. E30
Eonmetall was incorporated in Malaysia and it is a public listed company in the Bursa Malaysia. We are leading manufacturers for over 20years. Eonmetall specialize of top quality metalwork and storage systems. Eonmetall export to the international markets including the Asia, Africa,Europe, North America and Middle-East.
Essentia Protein Solution
Stand No. B39
If you are looking for ways to increase the nutritional value of your food and beverage brand, OmniCol 110 is an easy way to incorporate condition-specific health benefits into your final product. OmniCol 110 is collagen peptides that can go directly in your recipe as a clean label ingredient.
Stand No. B38
Stretch Hood Pallet Wrapping
Increased load stability, reduced packaging material, minimum waste, basically an improved packaging process where you can reduce the overall cost of your packaging.

Lachenmeier stretch hood for wrapping of food and beverages, building materials and chemicals to empty containers, paper and corrugated, and brick products.
Miura Singapore Co Pte Ltd
Stand No. F38
Miura Once Through Steam Boiler
Open Date Equipment Ltd
Stand No. C24
The E-Coder 300 from Open Date offers a larger print area, faster speeds and higher capacity foil rolls. This is a quality hot foil coding attachment suited to overprinting batch and lot numbers, dates and prices onto flexible packaging materials including films, labels and cartons.
R. Dan & Co., Inc.
Stand No. A11
The Ai1800 is the latest palletizer by Okura Yusoki Co., Ltd. Ensuring a fast, accurate and reliable palletizing solution for bags, cases, shrink wrapped products and many other.
Shanghai Changlong Industrial Equipment Co.,Ltd
Stand No. C20
Tubular ultra-high temperature sterilizer
  • For Dairy Drinks
  • Coconut Milk
  • Chili Sauce
  • Sterilizing Machine
Travtec Ltd
Stand No. C26
The Travtec range of conveyor accessories for pressing hand applied caps onto containers, along with the Diverter & Paratran for inkjet coding onto the underside of bottles, jars & cans attach easily to production lines for maximum efficiency