Product Highlights

3A System Corporation
Stand No. G6
Moki Brand M155 is Garbage Separator, which can segregate Plastic Film and Product automatically. This is applicable not only plastic film but also Steel Can, Aluminum Can, Pet Bottle and Dry and Liquid products. We have various kinds of capacity from 200kg – 2 tons per hour.
Cerutti Packaging Equipment
Stand No. D21
R98X is a hi-tech gravure press where speed of job changeover and flexibility count. This press has been redesigned featuring an advanced ventilation system, result of a commitment to the issues of technological improvement concerning energy savings, ergonomics and integration of machine control with the new industry 4.0 technology.
Cevolani Italia SRL
Stand No. D25
high speed combican for shaped cans/irregular cans/squared cans
Stand No. B41
The all new Detectronic model 607-TD is the most recent development from Detectronic A/S in Farsoe Denmark.

It features a long list of new and innovative functions as well as significant improvement in the sensitivity with up to 70 %, making it one of the top sensitive metal detectors for the food industry.
Eonmetall Systems Sdn Bhd
Stand No. E30
Eonmetall was incorporated in Malaysia and it is a public listed company in the Bursa Malaysia. We are leading manufacturers for over 20years. Eonmetall specialize of top quality metalwork and storage systems. Eonmetall export to the international markets including the Asia, Africa,Europe, North America and Middle-East.
Grafikontrol SPA
Stand No. D15
Grafikontrol offers a full range of quality control to the printing and converting industry through production, application, processes and services. Our systems include: Web Video camera (Matrix and Parvix), 100% Print Inspection (Lynex), In-line spectrophotometer (ChromaLab), Defect tracking through the process from printing to slitting (Easy Tracker).
Handyware Philippines, Inc.
Stand No. G1
PACKAGING Our complete and versatile line of vertical, horizontal and multi-lane packaging machines are built to accomodate any shape, form and product size.
Hebei XiaoJin Machinery Manufacturing Inc.
Stand No. A24
We have over 30 years experience in food processing machinery industry. The products include: Vacuum Filler, Tumbler, Mixer, Slicer, Grinder, Saline Injector, Automatic Smokehouse, Tenderizer, Bowl Cutter, Clipper and all kinds of Clips. We have successfully entered into the International market and exported over 70 countries.
Meech International Ltd
Stand No. C27
Hyperion™ SmartControl allows for remote monitoring and performance adjustment of Meech’s innovative Hyperion static control range.

A single SmartControl has capacity for up to six devices to be connected, with expansion units available to allow connection of a greater number of devices.
Miura Singapore Co Pte Ltd
Stand No. F38
Miura Once Through Steam Boiler
Stand No. D22
The Pelliconi Maxi P-26 SMART is the new version of the standard aluminium ring pull cap, easier and faster to open. The new dedicate liner profile is lighter than standard and the new internal-engraved score profile ensures less opening efforts and prevents score damages during capping.
Shanghai Changlong Industrial Equipment Co.,Ltd
Stand No. C20
Tubular ultra-high temperature sterilizer
  • For Dairy Drinks
  • Coconut Milk
  • Chili Sauce
  • Sterilizing Machine
Winner Inter Plas Co.,Ltd
Stand No. F21
We are the Thailand’s finest plastic injection molding manufacturer in plastic pallets,bins,containers and other related plastic products. Our “Dino” product lines are manufactured with highest precision, reliability and quality under the trademark “Dino Plus”. We produce our products with highest standard in order to meet our customers’ application requirement.