Product Highlights

3A System Corporation
Stand No. G6
Moki Brand M155 is Garbage Separator, which can segregate Plastic Film and Product automatically. This is applicable not only plastic film but also Steel Can, Aluminum Can, Pet Bottle and Dry and Liquid products. We have various kinds of capacity from 200kg – 2 tons per hour.
Aegis Packaging Pte Ltd
Stand No. C8
Our barrier coating, O₂X provides the option to create recyclable packaging which can ease the plastic recycling process and reduce the amount of plastic waste being produced.
Bak Asia Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. H11
BAK COMPACT Hot air Blowers and Air Heaters for Shrinking, Packaging, Drying, Cap Shrinking, Laminating, Plastic Welding.
Calvatis Gmbh
Stand No. B25
Calvatis foam products are a new, highly effective generation of deep cleansing products designed for today's demands. Calvatis foam products are suitable for daily and periodic cleaning as well as for basic cleaning and enable optimal use of the cleaning agents as well as a time saving for their users.
Clean Air Innovation Co., Ltd.
Stand No. B25
We are EPC contractor of cleanroom for Pharmaceutical industry. Our design is comply with International standard i.e. PIC/s
Delmax Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stand No. F22
Bottling systems and packaging solutions. We provide engineering solutions to fulfill needs of many industries such as drinking water, dairy products, fruit juices, cooking oil, lubricant, sauces, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and other fluid processes. More than 27 years of experiences, we have been remarkably developing our people and technology to enhance the superior performance and efficiency of the machines
Stand No. B41
The all new Detectronic model 607-TD is the most recent development from Detectronic A/S in Farsoe Denmark.

It features a long list of new and innovative functions as well as significant improvement in the sensitivity with up to 70 %, making it one of the top sensitive metal detectors for the food industry.
EDM Corporation
Stand No. C41
Desktop Thermal Printer- THP600 series It is suitable for empty bags that is put in frozen and boiling food products.
Elixir Industrial Equipment, Inc.
Stand No. E17
Automate any kind of high precision task with collaborative robot arms. Which can be paired with different kinds of grippers depending on your needs. From a table top cobot with a payload of 3 kg to a robot arm designed for bigger task that can process up to 10 kilos.
Eonmetall Systems Sdn Bhd
Stand No. E30
Eonmetall was incorporated in Malaysia and it is a public listed company in the Bursa Malaysia. We are leading manufacturers for over 20years. Eonmetall specialize of top quality metalwork and storage systems. Eonmetall export to the international markets including the Asia, Africa,Europe, North America and Middle-East.
Flexco Pte Ltd
Stand No. C2
Flexco offers the latest in both endless and mechanical belt splicing solutions. Visit our booth to see how we help to maximize and keep your food manufacturing line moving!
FPT Food Process Technology Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. C37
The vacuum tumbler type B can be optionally delivered with or without cooling and/or defrosting device. It has direct drive, diagonal built-in fins, SIEMENS touch panel and programmable parameters.

The tumbler is suited for curing boiled ham products, for dry salting smoked ham, and for tumbling fish and poultry products.
Hosokawa Alpine Aktiengesellschaft
Stand No. B21
Multi-layer flexible packaging films are in demand around the globe and require speciality barrier extrusion lines. These products prevent the permeationof oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and water vapor. They also protect the aromas and flavors of the finished product.

Produce on HOSOKAWA ALPINE´s 7-, 9- or 11- layer lines!
Stand No. B42
JEROS Utensil Washers is the most flexible and efficient system for cleaning parts and utensil from the production.

The industrial cleaning system reduces time needed to clean and secure even the most stringent of hygiene and food safety regulations and optimise workflow.
Stand No. B38
Stretch Hood Pallet Wrapping
Increased load stability, reduced packaging material, minimum waste, basically an improved packaging process where you can reduce the overall cost of your packaging.

Lachenmeier stretch hood for wrapping of food and beverages, building materials and chemicals to empty containers, paper and corrugated, and brick products.
Mahatanee Industrial Co., Ltd.
Stand No. H9
Mahatanee Industrial Co., Ltd. is PET blow moulding machine manufacturer in Thailand for more then 25 years. we have machine during 30ml - 30L machine model.
Meech International Ltd
Stand No. C27
Hyperion™ SmartControl allows for remote monitoring and performance adjustment of Meech’s innovative Hyperion static control range.

A single SmartControl has capacity for up to six devices to be connected, with expansion units available to allow connection of a greater number of devices.
Miura Singapore Co Pte Ltd
Stand No. F38
Miura Once Through Steam Boiler
Nationwide Distributors Inc.
Stand No. G24
Efficient, economical and innovative, the SUPRApak depth filter modules are the future of depth filtration with filter sheets.

SUPRApak depth filtration enters a completely new generation with a unique flow configuration called “edge flow”. This cost-effective technology will revolutionize depth filtration in the food and beverage sector.
Open Date Equipment Ltd
Stand No. C24
The E-Coder 300 from Open Date offers a larger print area, faster speeds and higher capacity foil rolls. This is a quality hot foil coding attachment suited to overprinting batch and lot numbers, dates and prices onto flexible packaging materials including films, labels and cartons.
Platinum Pro Plastic Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. A6
Platinum Pro Plastic Co.,Ltd. is professional company specialized in plastic injection molding in Asia. We are a leading manufacturer, distributor and the best seller of high quality Plastic Pallets in Thailand.
R. Dan & Co., Inc.
Stand No. A11
The Ai1800 is the latest palletizer by Okura Yusoki Co., Ltd. Ensuring a fast, accurate and reliable palletizing solution for bags, cases, shrink wrapped products and many other.
Ruwac Private Ltd.
Stand No. C5
Ruwac Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Solution : Removal of difficult Dust and continuous Duty for all applications and all environments. Certified Quality made in Germany integrated with the intelligent Ruwac Modular System where almost all the components are interchangeable. Whatever your Requirement is, we have the Solution!
Schenck Process Singapore (Pte) Ltd.
Stand No. C9
Schenck Process offers a wide range of airlocks and diverter valves for numerous pneumatic conveying applications. Easy to disassemble and clean airlocks for food process applications High throughput airlocks with capacities to handle up to 100,000 kg/hr.
Shanghai Changlong Industrial Equipment Co.,Ltd
Stand No. C20
Tubular ultra-high temperature sterilizer
  • For Dairy Drinks
  • Coconut Milk
  • Chili Sauce
  • Sterilizing Machine
V.F. Korea Corp.
Stand No. E21
V. F. Korea Corporation, Established in 1995, has become the leading manufacturer and exporter of Plastic Thermoforming machines, Automatic Cuttings, Hydraulic press, Sheet Extruder and Crushers including recycling devices.

We are enjoying a good reputation through over 30 countries exporting with skilled workmanship, Excellent Quality to meet customers’ needs.
Versa Group Philippines Corporation
Stand No. D35
XR75 provides not only contaminant detection but also product verification simultaneously. Products can be inspected for missing product, virtual weight, count, package check, void check, etc.