ProPak Philippines 2021 ep1 webinar: “Smart Packaging in the New Normal”

Join us on the first episode of ProPak Philippines webinar this 2021. Discussion will be about “SMART PACKAGING IN THE NEW NORMAL” to be led by Mr. Andrew Manly, the President of Active & Intelligent Packaging Industry Association in The Netherlands. This webinar will be moderated by the Event Manager of ProPak Philippines who is […]

ProPak Philippines ep3 webinar: “Packaging Alternatives during COVID-19 Pandemic”

The 3rd episode of ProPak Philippines webinar will be about the techniques on how to save production and cost on your product’s packaging due to the current pandemic situation. The ep3 webinar of ProPak Philippines will be moderated by Mr. Clarke S. Nebrao, Chairman of Association of Laguna Food Processors Inc. Our invited speakers are Engr. […]